Our Cassette Air-conditioning Systems

Cassette systems are great from an industrial or commercial application where a tiled ceiling in installed, or hanging from steel roof trusses on threaded rod. The Cassettes blow out in all four directions giving a great even flow of cool air, to sufficiently cool the area.

We have a full range of MEPS compliant systems. This means they comply with the Minimum Energy Performance Standards stipulated by the government, so you can be assured they won’t drive your electricity bill through the roof. We stock the major brands like SAMSUNG, so you can be assured of quality with every unit.

Our Bulkhead Air-conditioning Systems

The Bulkhead range is the ideal choice for air conditioning areas where a discreet installation is preferred.

The indoor unit fits flush into the ceiling with only the suction air and discharge grilles visible inside your home and leaving maximum floor and wall space for furniture, decoration and fittings.

The Bulkhead range is truly discreet with whisper quiet operations to ensure limited impact to internal room aesthetics and acoustics.

Available in Reverse Cycle (Heating & Cooling)
Capacities 2.4kW, 3.4kW, 5.0kW, 6.0kW

Our Multihead Air-conditioning Systems

Multihead Split and VRV systems are a great way to air-condition multiple rooms off one outdoor unit.

If you’re after multi room air conditioning, VRV system is the clever choice. It takes only one outdoor unit to maintain comfort in up to five rooms. The ultimate multi room air conditioning system with a wide selection of indoor units to suit a variety of room sizes and designs for medium to large size homes.

With the size of the Australian residential properties reducing over time, the compact size and horizontal discharge design of the VRV IV-S outdoor unit makes it an ideal solution for the modern home.

Contact us for more information and pricing on Multiheaded and VRV systems.