Smart Air Control

When it comes to home comfort, you want the master of climate control, something that lets you have your home climate the way you want it. AirTouch is primarily a smart climate control system, but goes further by letting you install 3rd party apps so you can customize it to make it your own, always on and connected, smart home, information and entertainment hub.

Systems made for Australian Homes

AirTouch is a leading smart air control system that was developed after extensive research into different homes across Australia. We live in a country with different climates across all states, so it stands to reason that an air control system has to cope with this. AirTouch systems are designed for work for Australian homes, coping with the needs of Australian lifestyles. Just as importantly, they add value to your home as a stylish hi-tech piece of home automation.

An App to control Air Conditoning

When you install an AirTouch panel to control your air conditioner, you get the iOS or Android app for your families’ smartphones and tablets. Now, in individual zones, everyone can control their temperature and airflow to their liking. And you can monitor usage and and control your system when you are away from home.

AirTouch 4 Climate Control

AirTouch 2 Climate Control

Airtouch Smart Apps